SMK Farm & Herbal Research


R& D Agri-Research Centre

SMK has invested in excess of 10 million dollars, including capital improvements and infrastructure at the Surrey Farm. With over 34 acres of property, 12 acres of greenhouses and over 36,000 square feet of research and living space for scientific workers, the SMK farm is primed to become the premier field R&D center for functional crops in Canada.  We have extend our invitation to the world experts to come join us as we create a global hub to study functional crops and fermented foods.

SMK Farm & Herbal Research has a keen interest in various varieties of live seeds that can be sprouted or developed into microgreens. While sprouts have the highest concentration of phytonutrients per calorie of any food, many studies have also shown that, depending on the variety, microgreens are more concentrated in nutritional value than their mature fully grown counterparts.

We are also interested in helping those with no agricultural or marketing experience, but have a passion for farming who would like to get into sprouting and microgreens.

Current Projects

Smart Greenhouse

Our idea is to create a very cost effective modular Smart greenhouse system so that our prospective co-op member with no experience in agriculture can operate the greenhouse and make a good living with under $ 100,000 capital investment.

  • We will design and build our Smart greenhouse with built-in greenhouse control hardware & software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the net-worked industrial PC for cost effectiveness and also further reduce the building cost by modularizing and mass manufacturing.
  • We would put in AI program with the help from professional growers for the growing techniques. In this way, our members with little or no agricultural experience but a passion for farming can effectively produce functional or specialty crops like Micro-greens successfully.
  • We have found that a 1,000 -1500 square foot Modular Smart greenhouse (or more modular units depending on the grower goal) is the optimum size for two people to sustainably manage and cultivate specialty crops like Micro-greens or Sprout-greens.
  • These modular greenhouses can be utilized for any applications where environmentally controlled spaces are needed.

Smart Fish farm

Similar to our modular Smart greenhouse system, we are also currently pursuing a similar set-up that will utilize Smart fish tank technology in a modular greenhouse which complements our Smart greenhouse system, so that people who have little to no experience on farming fish can operate and produce high quality fish with minimum instructions.

  • Our A.I. system will monitor PH levels, oxygen levels, temperature and feed among other things
  • The use of the modular smart fish tank system will eliminate contamination issues currently found in common high density tanks. We are currently researching Barramundi and other various species of fish.