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About us


SMK Group’s Philosophy

The Concept to Reality via Incubation

There are many people who have great product ideas and concepts but cannot pursue the concept to reality due to a lack of capital.
The SMK Group would incubate people with innovative & creative “Health & Wellness” ideas. The founder, KJ Kim has a great empathy on people who have passion on their works. He ran a small started-up company in Silicon Valley with very little capital in his early 20s into success.

The SMK Group is in a position to provide basic overhead costs (for materials, at fair basic facility costs and research expenses) until the commercialization of the project.  A new venture company will be established under share holding between both the SMK Group and a new entrepreneur. The new entrepreneur will operate the company. However, if the project is unsuccessful, all the losses will be on the SMK Group and a novice entrepreneur is free of risk except for their time and labour.

SMK Group “Franchised Micro Greens” Co-op

The co-operative concept has evolved into a major method for individuals and small farmers to join together to promote their mutual interests and benefits. Co-operatives have succeeded in numerous functions, especially purchasing, marketing and services, as they have helped their members realize economies of scale, increase revenues, decrease costs and increase profits in ways not available through normal business methods.

Our co-operative principles and practices are supported by the basic principles of franchising for marketing the products produced by the members. One of the greatest strengths of a franchise system is the power of mutual association of the franchisees. Franchising at its best is a partnership which establishes trust, opens communication and accrues benefits to both the franchisor and its franchisees.

SMK Farm, once all R&D on Micro Greens are completed, will supply a turnkey orientated system for growing “Micro Greens” to small scale BC farmers and others who are interested to work together with its company.  SMK Farm will provide the turnkey system to its co-op members at cost.

SMK Farmers Market Co-op

While SMK Group focuses its research and development toward Canadian made Agri-foods and herbal products, the company is also committed to supporting local small scale farmers and producers who pride themselves to meet consumers’ trust and respond to their increasing demand for high quality, safe, natural and healthy products.

One of the company’s current endeavors is to gauge the response of those in the local community towards developing an SMK Farm co-op.  We are currently reaching out to extend an opportunity to further discuss how we can work together in the future and possibly help to grow our businesses and enter into a mutually effective working relationship

Our intention is to provide small ¼ acre parcels of our fields to our co-op members who require the space to grow more products to keep up with their demand as well as the opportunity to have access to our onsite facilities and the security of a permanent retail outlet to sell the products as part of a Co-op run onsite Country Market.